Why do people choose to ride an electric bike?
Because they...
-Enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle - except for hills, starts, and headwinds;
-Prefer their local errands to be easy, hassle free and low cost
-Like to save money  and protect the environment by significantly reducing thier carbon footprint
-Look for extra chances to exercise - even if it's just a little. In fact riding an e-bike can increase your fitness. You want to use it. You can ride to work without lycra. You still have to exercise
-Still need convenient, point-to-point transportation using safe traffic free bike lanes we have all paid for but rarely use!
-Want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts. No traffic congestion
-Considered a gas-powered moped or small motorcycle, but dislike the noise, smell, saftey issues, starting problems and special laws
-Riding an electric bike doesn't mean you're lazy. You are a smart educated consumer saving carbon emmissions and having fun doing it
-According to an Australian study conducted by the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University, the assistance provided by riding an electric bicycle helps to maintain the rider’s heart rate in the optimal aerobic zone.
-Because you can be assisted when going uphill, you do not need to spend excessive energy, you feel less tired and your body continues to operate in your optimum aerobic zone.
-Enjoy your ride and use the assist when you feel like it. They are not motor bike they require input from rider and motor to opperate effectively.
-With a conventional bicycle, many people exceed their aerobic zone when riding uphill then feel completely drained and are unable to enjoy the ride.
-Can ride work in a suite or work clothes.

Do you require a License or Registration to ride these Electric Bicycles?
The plain and simple answer is no. All Power-Ped models are road legal.
For more information on the rules for electric power assisted bicycles please visit:

How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?
Depends on state of exhaustion of battery. If battery totally flat - re-charge time about 5-6 hrs. If half flat - about 2-3 hrs. Best to re-charge overnight.
What maintenance is involved?
Basically there is no ongoing maintenance of electrical components other than re-charging batteries. Many of our bicycles use the latest generation Brushless Hub Drive motors where there are no contact point inside the motor that can cause wear and tare. It is advised to keep bicycle clean at all times. Under normal use, motor doesn't need readjustment and maintenance except that its outer surface needs cleaning at regular intervals. The only maintenence needed is general bicycle maintenence which can be done at any quality bike store.
Can I ride an Electric Bicycle in the rain?
Power-Ped electric bicycles are water resistant meaning you can ride them in the rain. But just like any other bike, they shouldn't be left in the rain.
What is Regenerative Braking and is it worth having on an electric bicycle?
Regenerative braking refers to the motor feeding current and volts back into the battery to recharge when heading downhill or slowing to a stop. In bicycle application we don't recommend this feature. Why? Typically bicycles have low levels of weight and inertia and do not allow a reasonable benefit for re charging. We prefer to use geared free wheeling motors with high quality NSK Japanese Barings that allow the rider to pedal with little or no resistance in the motor. This makes pedaling easy with or without the motor. We have ridden non gear motors and believe us, it a tough task to pedal an e-bike without the battery and using a non geared motor. Always choose geared BRUSHLESS motors as this will outlast and outperform any brushed alternative.
Dedicated E-bike, or an E-bike conversion kit? We asked Luke at E-bike central what he thinks...
From a retail point of view I will always try and sell the customer a dedicated e-bike. The majority of customers are looking for a commuting bike with all the practical components, i.e. lights, rack, chain guard, lock. Most dedicated e-bikes will come standard with these features. It’s simply easier for the customer and for the seller to deal with these ‘ready to go’ e-bikes. However, e-bike conversions also have some great benefits. Firstly, it’s a lot cheaper to convert an existing bike than to buy a complete E-bike. Secondly, this gives the customer the option of choosing a bike that specifically suits their needs. Thirdly, I find people are a lot more likely to invest in the idea of an electric bike if the price is affordable. Seeing as though the e-bike is a reasonably unknown product, customers don’t want to invest $2000 into something they don’t know much about. The conversion kit provides an entry level e-bike option that the average Joe can afford.