Power-Ped have been producing electric bicycles for the Australian market for over 14 years. We are also the company behind Australia's largest electric bicycle fleet… Australia Post's Electric Mail Bike.

After years of experience we understand the Australian e-bike consumer and we've designed our models based on their needs. This year we've designed a simple range of e-bikes catering to a large range of cyclists. Our focus is on reliability, simplicity, comfort and functionality. The new models are smoother and quieter than ever, coming in a range of sizes and colours to suit your specific needs.

Our award winning electric bicycles are available through our dealers Australia wide.
Enjoy the ride!

Australia Post
You may have seen these brighly coloured electric postie bikes delivering your mail each day, but did you know that they are designed, built and serviced by POWER-PED?
At POWER-PED, we are proudly responsible for the largest fleet of electric bikes in Australia. The same thought and innovation that went into the design of the electric postie bike goes into to each and every POWER-PED model. Click on the postie bike above for more information.